LGS is no longer taking on new public agency clients until it resolves differences with CalPERS about our employees’ retirement benefits.

Working collaboratively with our clients (exclusively public agencies), we design best practices solutions specific to their needs, enabling agencies to remain focused on their core missions. Local Government Services provides knowledgeable, highly-qualified local government employees for projects and on-going assignments to meet the needs of our client agencies.

Vacancies in existing high-profile, critical positions, or short-term projects put additional pressure on local government managers. Even when money is available, oftentimes the skilled staff are not, so the work piles up. Alternatives can often generate additional stresses: the high hourly rates of consultants; staff who lack the time or expertise; and concern about the implicit commitments a temporary assignment may have for permanent job status. All of these issues can be addressed by working with Local Government Services.

See a list of our recent and past client partners below:

Alameda County Waste Management Authority
Marin Energy Authority
Marin Transit
Metropolitan Transportation Commission

San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transit Authority
South Bayside Waste Management Authority
Transbay Joint Powers Authority
Transportation Authority of Marin